Bomb diggity guacamole!

Recently i tried kind of a salsa-guacamole with corn and i loved it so i wanted to try and mimic it! I think my recipe turned out better than what i was trying to mimic though :P. 


On this particular day i made it from 1 avocado because it was the only ripe one i had.


I oven roasted 4 corn on the cobs at 350 degrees for roughly 30 minutes in the oven. In the recipe i used 1 whole corn from the cob. 


Added some green onion, cilantro, sea salt, ground cumin, roasted red pepper to taste, and freshly squeezed lime juice. I also added some cherry tomatoes a little later because at the time this picture was taken i had forgotten to put them in lol. And there are a few bean sprouts in there too because we had some pho earlier that week and the bean sprouts were mixed in with the greens so i added it too lol. 


Feel free to try this recipe! It was the best guacamole i ever made, no more buying pre-made guac for me. This may even be better than chipotle’s guacamole to me! And thats saying a lot!! If you do try it, please tell me how it turns out! 



Last weekend i had the chance to eat some “real” ramen with some of my friends! I got this email about a couple ramen shops in the local twin cities area and so i convinced some friends to out and try some with me.



The place we went to was called “United Noodles” and its actually a grocery store with a little restaurant inside. It was a little hard to find because it is kind of hidden and was kinda in a ghetto area. But i really did enjoy what the store had. Its an asian market that sells all types of asian food, spices, herbs, ingredients, etc.

IMAG0156 IMAG0157 IMAG0159

From left to right i got “Dango” (kind of like mochi on a stick),” Katsudon” (pork cutlet with rice), and “Takoyaki” (octopus balls). And the type of ramen i got was called “Shoyu Ramen” it had a soy sauce broth, with pork, and some naruto fish cake.

After eating my companions and I wandered around and did some shopping and i went into asian tourist mode and starting taking pictures of a lot of things even though most likely i wasn’t allowed to lol.

IMAG0161 IMAG0160 IMAG0162 IMAG0163 IMAG0164

I definitely want to come here again!! Hopefully next time i can go with my lovely sisters!

Asia Obsession Tag!

What is your favorite drama?


Proposal Daisakusen (Operation Love)

This drama follows Ken as he watches his best friend/one true love Rei get married to another man. Ken then meets a fairy who allows him to go back in time and change the past to give Ken a second chance to win the heart of the girl he loves.

I love this drama because of the messages they taught me while i was watching, to live life without any regrets. Try as hard as you can right now in the present and to do everything you can now.


What was the first drama you watched?


Full House

I remember i had a obsession with Rain for a while after watching this drama lol. From what i remember this drama was about a couple pretending to be married in front of the public and living in the same house. I never rewatched this drama, probably cause Rain had ugly clothes XD.



Fav SInger/group/band?

I don’t have a favorite solo artsit as of right now, but i have soo many favortie groups! TVXQ will always have a special place in my heart. Right now i’m loving Big Bang, 2ne1, CNBLUE, WINNER, Jay Park, Ailee. I don’t listen to as much jpop as i used to but i always liked Ayumi Hamasaki and Utada Hikaru. And i LOVE the girl group Bright. 


Fav anime/manga?


Fairy Tail is my current favorite action manga. I started watching the anime first but when the new episode hadn’t aired yet i started reading the manga. I love the main characters and its really funny! 



For romantic/girly themed manga/anime i will always love Sailor Moon! I remember watching this show on tv when i was little and ever since this show i’ve always love the magical girl theme in anime/manga! And this is probably what started my obsession for stars lol. 


Fav asian food?


I don’t really have a certain culture’s food more than the other but i LOVE stir fry! I think its always been my favorite, i remember always looking forward to my mom’s stir fry when i was a kid and i still do! To this day i ask her to make stir fry for me because my mom’s cooking is the best! I’m learning my own techniques nowadays and its good but it will never compare to my mom’s cooking. 


How did your asia obsession start?


I think it started from when i used to watch Dragon Ball with my brothers when i was a kid. As i grew older i started listening to anime music, and then got into jpop from there. When i was in middle school my friends at the time were really into korean stuff so thats probably how i go into kpop. I liked BoA at first in middle school, in high school i was listening to Rain, and then i ventured into TVXQ and Big Bang. Aside from music and anime i love asian cosmetics and skincare! I used to like korean makeup styles but now the “no-makeup makeup” look isn’t really my thing. I like color :), but my clothes still need color :(. 


How has your obsession influence your life?


This is going to sound weird but watching dramas and anime has helped my way of life lol. For example when i first watched Naruto i felt i could relate to Naruto, I had just moved to a new town, i didn’t have any friends and i was a loner. But watching Naruto try and be the best he can to get noticed/recognition influenced me to do the same. Even though its not real i’m glad that i watched these drama/anime while growing up because it kind of helped influence who i am today. Same with music, music was there when i was down and it helped me cheer up and to meet some of my greatest friends today. 


Are you interested in any asian languages?

I’ve always wanted to learn japanese (so i can watch anime without subtites lol!)


2014 Resolutions & Did i meet 2013 resolutions?

2014 Resolutions/Goals:

Lose weight

Save Money/spend less money on things i probably don’t need

Move out

Get more fashionable clothes

Try to find my style in fashion

Grow out my hair/Don’t cut my hair

Cook more often/don’t be lazy and cook

Start working out more often/again

Blog more often

Take more pictures

Resolutions from last year:

Get my license

Get a car

Lose weight

Save Money

I don’t remember if i had anymore resolutions from last year but i think those 4 were my biggest goals from last year and i’m really proud of myself because i reached 2/4 of my goals. Well i technically saved money too for my car and then i spent it on my car and i’ve been really bad at saving since then lol.

Hopefully i can reach the goals i set for myself this year too!

The Perfect Pallette Tag


This tag is a few questions about the eyshadow i own, although nobody tagged me i thought this would be fun because i’m such a hoarder when it comes to makeup lol.

Best Packaging


Honestly i’m not the type of person that is really big on packaging. If the product is good thats all i care about. But i guess if i had to choose i would give this award(?) to the Naked 2 from Urban Decay because the material is metal and not cardboard like the rest of my palletes.

Best Color Payoff/Most Versatile/Best for Travel


This Ultimate Class Pallte from Smashbox is the most pigmented pallete i currently own. I barely have to tap my brush in the shadow and i get SO much color payoff. It has all the colors i could ever need from nudes,color, smokey, and even blush and lip colors! It doesn’t take much room at all and fits great in my makeup bag when i do travel.  I forgot how much i love this pallete, i need to use it more.

Biggest Regret


I wouldn’t say i regret buying this Eyes on the 60’s Pallette from BH Cosmetics but i think i bought it during the wrong season lol. I bought this for about $10 in October and when i got it i just kind of stared at it like “Its so colorful…”.  Because lately because its fall now my makeup has been more neutral, like oranges and browns.  I still really like this pallete but i think its more suited for spring/summer.

Best Color Names


Honestly i never pay attention to the names of the colors lol.  But if i had to choose i would pick the Playlist Pallette from Bare Minerals.

Least Used


I think this one is called Tahiti from Cargo, I never find myself reaching for this one because.. idk i don’t wear much blue/green eyeshadow lol. I used to like this gold but i have found other golds in my other palletes i like more.


Minnesota Renaissance Festival 2013


I found LINK!!



I can’t believe that summer has gone by so quickly! These are the few pictures we had taken during our time there. I mainly vlogged most of the time so i will link that video below if you’re interested!


3 Minute Makeup Challenge

I wanted to start vlogging more often and so i convince my friend Ashley to do this 3 minute makeup challenge with me because i know shes also a makeup junkie. Sorry for the poor editing skills i’m a little rusty.

I had a lot of fun doing this challenge lol. There was a lot of things i forgot while doing it and i didn’t realize until it started or until it was done. Hopefully i can get more vlogs up in the near future